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  • Cachaça is the most popular adult drink in Brazil, where it has been consumed for 500 years
  • Domestic consumption makes it the 4th most drunk distillate in the world, but its global reach is small
  • Quality levels have risen in recent decades, but this achievement has not impacted its exportation
  • Cachaça Trade Fair aims to disseminate this recent and positive local evolution in the local and foreign markets
  • At Anhembi, Brazil's largest trade show pavilion, companies will show, buy and sell products/ services, open new markets and raise their business network
  • The Exhibit will focus the promotion of the Cachaça and business opportunities for companies in its productive chain

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  • Call +55 11 46173591
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  • Housed in the Anhembi pavilion, the Cachaça Trade Fair will host Exhibitors of various segments of the productive chain as sugar cane growers, distilleries, importers, exporters, distributors, machinery contractors, agricultural components, bottles, labels, packages, wine service accessories etc..

    In 2019 some of the participants were: Ibrac, Bento Albino, Cachaciê, Chico Mineiro, Charmosa, Coronel, Dama da Noite, Da Quinta, Decisão, Dom Cabral, Famigerada, Galeão, João Mendes, Mandaguahy, Margô, Meu Garoto, Middas, Musa, Ouro1, Paramirim, Pirassununga, Poço da Pedra, Sagrada, Santa Bananinha, Serra Morena, Soledade, Velho Alambique, Weber Haus.

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  • Telephone: +55 11 4617 3591
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  • The audience of Cachaça Trade Fair is composed from professionals which represents the investment power of the cachaça market and manage the buys and sales, as bars and restaurants owners, buyers from supermarket networks, importers and shops, education etc.. Meet this special group: register below and visit the Cachaça Trade Fair.

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    The Cachaça Trade Fair and São Paulo International Wine Trade Fair will be complemented by a Common Congress in which experts will cover subjects as
  • Experience of wines and spirits
  • Baggage project. Content Tourism
  • Climate change and its impact on the production of wine and cachaça. Sustainable agro
  • Wine Business. Looking at the universe of adult drinks in the economic spectrum

    Check out a full Portuguese Congress program here →

  • Av. Olavo Fontoura 1209, Santana, São Paulo from 2PM to 8PM

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  • Telephone: +55 11 4617 3591
  • WhatsApp: +55 11 9 5953 0309
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  • Results achieved in 2019
  • 4,500 qualified visitors
  • 168 exhibitors of several segments of the production chain
  • 12 countries with producer representatives
  • 8 countries with buyer representatives